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Financial Freedom is knocking and so is a $7,000 prize!

Will you follow your destiny or shy away from living the life you imagined?

If living your best life is on top of your priority. Then, Say YES to Freedom in our sizzling leaderboard and make your wishes come true. You can rake in $5,200 in magnificent CASH prizes, plus $1,200 in Amazon Vouchers. 

Stack up on those points and climb your way to the top. Remember the more you play the luckier you will get!   

The leaderboard starts on Thursday, 25 November 08:00 am EST, and ends on Tuesday, 30 November 11:59 am EST. 

P.S.: Make sure you are logged in to view your points in real-time. 

If you are not registered to take part in the leaderboard, Contact Support to get you started. 

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Leaderboard All Stars

Ready to join our list of Leaderboard All-Stars? These dedicated players have spun their way to the top of the lot and walked away with incredible prizes! 

Let us raise a toast to our winners, who have all worked very hard to reach the top of the ranking. Enjoy your well-earned wins!

TOP 5 Winners

PïneappleTwist won $2,350 Cash    
Player_1_ WINS won $10500 Cash
Keejon won $950 Cash
PoloPlayer won $650 Amazon Voucher
*Vegeta* won $500 Amazon Voucher

Leaderboard Prizes

Top 5 players in the Say YES to Freedom Leaderboard will win their share of $7,000.

Prize Pool

Rank Prize

1st $3,000 Cash

2nd $1,500 Cash

3rd $1,300 Cash

4th $700 Amazon Voucher

5th $500 Amazon Voucher

6th 50 Free Spins on Well Oil Be